If you have recently received the IKEA catalog or their flyer in the mail, you may have noticed that they are proudly presenting the new Expedit line of storage that happens to perfectly fit the old-fashioned vinyl record size and square format. This is not a coincidence.

Overall, vinyl records storage shelves are finding new popularity among many different kinds of people, from retiring boomers, to a long-lost sons and daughters who have finally due to recession returned home and found his or her old LP vinyl records collection.

We will look at those two groups of people and, if you are looking for vinyl record shelves yourself, after reading you will find advice and tips on what LP records storage to pick.

Retiring boomers appreciating the old record albums value

Vinyl LP records launched successfully in 1948 and saw their heyday in the 1980s after which they were increasingly replaced by the CDs in the 1990s. They had a 40-odd year run, unsurpassed by any other media storage technology, from the cassette tape, to CDs and now MP3 players. The heyday period coincides with the youth period of the baby boomers who, born in the 40s and 50s, were in their 20s and 30s during that era.

So today, as the baby boomers are retiring, they have more time to devote to their old vinyl albums and are perhaps picking them out from the garage, listening to them using USB turntables, and perhaps transforming them to their iPods or other MP3 players. One can not underestimate the sentimental values of these vintage records to the aging boomers.

To retain the vinyl records value, they need space to store the LPs. The size of the LPs alone is bigger than any other music media, and they require special vinyl record storage cd 回收 shelves that will accommodate both the size and the weight. A single long play record can weigh just short of half a pound!

Recession makes people move back home

Since the last recession started, there has been a trend in increased population density in apartment houses, and single family houses. Young adults and not-so-young adults are often unable to find a job and decide to return home to their parents, and there they find their ancient vintage records. Values may have shifted and they prefer to listen to music on their iPhones or iPads, but they may also want to reformat their LP music from their youth to their MP3 players, and they need LP records storage such as record crates or record cabinets too.

Regardless of what is your main reason for getting back to listening to the vinyl albums, you will want to equip yourself with a great looking vinyl record shelf that will make it easy to access the music you like and will make it easy for your friends to browse your collection as well. Who knows, you may get some unexpected kudos for displaying and collecting vinyl LP records, and you may get vinyl records collector calling you up with offers!