Ajax Systems manufactures wireless security alarms and sensors for the home. It also provides wireless door and window opening sensors along with motion sensors. These sensors are designed to detect intruders and they work both ways, on doors and windows. The alarm is activated once doors and windows are opened or triggered.

Ajax Systems

There are some advantages of buying an Ajax-based home security system: the system’s installation is quicker than if you bought a hardware-based system; there is no need to have an expert come out to install it; there is less chance of false alarms; there are no problems with wiring; the product meets all federal, state and local codes; and more. The product news is good as well. There are new products that have been developed since the original Ajax-based product lines. One of these is the motion sensor “zopper”. This new product has a much smaller footprint, which makes it easier to install in tight spaces.

There are two types of wireless security systems that Ajax-based products are compatible with: the standalone system and the integrated alarm devices security system. The standalone system consists of a single unit that houses the control panel and other components. Integrated security systems integrate all of the elements of the Ajax system – the control panel, the sensors, the data capture panels and the alarm response units. These units can be placed in strategic locations throughout the home or business, providing a greater degree of protection.

Some of the more advanced Ajax security systems are now using a technology called Bluetooth Smart Devices (also known as Blue Tooth). With this technology, there is no need for any type of physical connection between the Ajax sensors and the rest of the system. All the sensors communicate with each other using wireless signals. For example, there could be one Ajax unit that senses someone coming into the house through the front door, and another unit that senses movement in the front yard and another unit that detects movement in the backyard. Once the sensor inputs are processed, the appropriate commands to the control panel are sent, instantly alerting the security personnel of a potential threat.

The advantage of Bluetooth technology is that users can choose to exchange information between the security system and their mobile devices. For instance, if someone wants to know if someone has entered the home, the first instance the alert is triggered would be the device that received the radio communication from the Ajax system. The second instance the alert is triggered is the mobile device that is receiving the radio communication. Through the use of a hub, all of the sensors in the system can be connected to the app through wireless or wired means, providing a comprehensive view of what is happening in the building.

A major benefit of the new Bluetooth-powered intelligent devices is their convenience. Instead of having to open a drawer or click a button to activate the alarm, the user simply takes his or her cell phone and makes a call to the security monitoring center. From there, the monitoring center operators can determine when it is safe for the individual to return to the property. The same concept works for other types of motion detected sensors, such as those that detect pets. Pet odor sensors allow owners to activate the system only when it has detected a specific pet odor.

The second product news from Ajax is the introduction of the iControl product line. iControl uses a visual interface to control the lights and appliances of the home, making it easier than ever for home owners to use their wireless security systems. The iControl system not only makes controlling the lights and appliances more convenient, but it also helps to keep the system safe. For example, the homeowner can set parameters for the lights to turn on at certain times during the night and the amount of time the heater should be on.

The last item from Ajax Systems is a new product line for video surveillance. Ajax Systems has teamed up with several different manufacturers in order to provide consumers with the ultimate wireless security system. Some of these companies include Blackberry, camera gear competitor Spygear and Panasonic, one of the most successful electronics manufacturers in the world. The company claims that the product line contains some of the most sophisticated video surveillance equipment available. For consumers who want to feel like they are getting the best in quality when it comes to video surveillance, this is definitely the line to go with.