When you are trying to lose weight, the weight seems to come off quickly in the beginning of the diet. This helps to keep you motivated to lose more weight. But, after a while, and often when the diet routine is getting boring, you hit a weight loss plateau. You have not increased your calories; you are still exercising – but you weight does not seem to want to budge. It may be helpful to reexamine you are weight loss goals.

Is your weight loss goal too low? If you hit the weight loss plateau near the end of your diet program – perhaps your body is telling you that you are done. Some people have a number in their head about the number on the scale that they want to be – but this may not be a realist weight loss goal. If you only have 5 to 10 pounds. to go in your diet program – stop. Try to maintain the weight you have lost for a Sonus Complete month; the reevaluate your weight loss goal. For those who are not yet near their desired weight, here are some tips to start losing weight again.

  1. Are you taking in too many calories? When you were heavier you needed more calories then after you have reduced your body mass. Try adjusting your calories to fewer and see if that gets those pounds to come off again.
  2. Keep a journal of what you eat. This is a good idea for any diet program. But it is most important when you hit a weight loss plateau. When writing down everything you are eating – you may find that you are actually eating more calories than you thought.
  3. Are you eating too little? If you are not getting enough calories – your body will go into “starvation mode”. Your body will actually try and conserve body weight and cause a weight loss plateau. If you think you may not be getting enough calories – try adding some each day and see if that will start your weight loss again.
  4. Exercise more! If you have been exercising – try to increase the time you spend exercising a little bit each day. If you do not have the time to exercise more – pump it up. Increase the weights or resistance of what you are working on. If you have not yet started exercising – now is a good time to start. Exercise and diet are the best combination to lose weight.
  5. Measure everything! If you are not measuring what you are eating – chances are you may be eating more than you think. Keeping a weight loss journal is important – but actually measuring what you are eating is also important to know exactly how much you are eating.