When you’re considering traveling to Vietnam, you want to be sure that you are getting all of your Vietnam travel information from reliable sources. There are many great Vietnam travel guides out there. Many are written by people who have actually been to Vietnam. Others are written by people who have only heard of the country briefly. You need to make sure that any Vietnam travel guide that you consider uses both primary and secondary information. This way you know exactly what you are getting into before you go there.

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The best Vietnam travel guide is one that talks about not just destinations in Vietnam, but primary information on everything that encompasses Vietnam. For example, do you need travel insurance for Vietnam? A good Vietnam travel guide should not leave this detail out. In fact, some people may be surprised to learn that they don’t need travel insurance while visiting vietnamjour.com.

Another detail that an excellent Vietnam travel guide should cover is the best time to travel to Vietnam. In addition to which places are accessible during certain times of the year, is the best time to eat, shop, and sight see? What time of the day is the best to do activities such as horseback riding? An ideal Vietnam travel guide would give detailed information on each of these areas, so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Another aspect that an excellent Vietnam travel guide would cover is the most famous aspect of the country: ho chi minh. Known as the “hill rat” or the “rat of the road,” Vietnam’s unique street food is something that is special to the people of Vietnam. The Vietnam travel guide must cover the history and rise to fame of the city’s street food. For example, is it best to go to Ho Chi Minh City in the morning, or at night? The best advice to get a handle on Vietnam’s food is to learn to experiment.

One of the best ways to learn Vietnamese is to experience the country first hand. How would an inexperienced traveler go about traveling around Vietnam? It’s best to visit Vietnam’s major cities first, such as Hanoi and Hue. Traveling around Hanoi is much like traveling to any large city in the US or Europe. You’ll need to know some basic Vietnamese phrases, such as hello, goodbye, and where to go. If you can master these basic phrases, you’ll be able to communicate quite a bit with Vietnamese locals.

The next step is to travel to some of the smaller cities throughout Vietnam. Hanoi and Hue are two cities that play a large part in Vietnam’s history and culture, but don’t get too overwhelmed just yet. Just like Hanoi and Hue, you’ll want to see some of Vietnam’s lesser-known corners. These places include Phu Si Ngan, Ba Reat, and Cu Chi. By going to these lesser known Vietnam destinations, you’ll be able to explore Vietnam in a more “traditional” way, which may help you avoid offending the locals.