Internet Trends and Green Web Hosting

Many economists say the “great recession” ended over a year ago. But unemployment is still high, and consumer spending is still sluggish. This does not mean companies should sit and wait for things to improve. Instead, upgrade your strategy for the economy that exists today and grow your business, even in a tough economy.

10 trends and predictions for 2011

This can serve as a guide for online businesses as places to start to prepare for and gain market growth.

1. Local Social media

Companies have moved toward social media in an effort to build their brand and convert visitors into shoppers. The trend toward social media marketing is no surprise because in the last few years, social media has seen explosive growth. But one new trend that is moving toward the front-line in social media is local social media. When you follow the recent rise of location-based services like Foursquare or Tripit, it is clear that people want to connect with others by location, as well as share experiences and seek recommendations by those who are well informed.

Many shoppers are looking for websites that they can trust. In the past, online shoppers purchased from websites and companies from anywhere around the globe and location was not really an issue, but with the tight economy, shoppers have become more savvy. Trends have shown that building visitor trust is an important method of shaping your brand and engaging visitors. People will begin to use more local services, therefore, expect location-based search to bloom as well.

What to do?

Build visitor trust on your website and cater to local search.

2. Mobile – the Next Frontier for Brand Engagement

Retailers are scrambling to implement mobile websites so that shoppers can use their smart phones to purchase their products. Top brands are investing a large segment of their advertising budget on slick, interactive and stylish iPhone apps and mobile websites.

As the social web evolves, attention is shifting away from destinations and migrating towards micro experiences. Mobile websites are self-contained environments and delivered directly to individuals where their attention is focused. Whereas websites alone served this function since the 90s, mobile websites will grow in popularity and cater google app script tutorial to the Internet users’ appetite for consumption. Smart business owners can capitalize by developing and maintaining a website that is mobile ready.

What to do?

Top web hosting providers offer Joomla for free on every web hosting plan. Joomla is an easy-to-use content management system with unlimited free modules and plugins. Use MobileJoomla to turn your website into a mobile website, instantly.

3. mCommerce

Users are opening their wallets while on-the-go now more than ever before. Mobile websites and eCommerce stores are becoming more popular and mCommerce – the term for eCommerce stores geared towards mobile users – are becoming more commonplace for the simple fact that people are now shopping while on their smart phones. People tend to buy products as an impulse decision while mobile more than while on a desktop computer. By building a mobile website and selling a product that is “liked” and that visitors trust, shoppers will likely come back for more.

What to do?

Develop a mobile website. Build your brand. Blog and develop quality content on your website. This will help to build visitor loyalty and establish your company as an industry expert.

4. Email Marketing

Yes, email, the apparently forgotten indigent stepchild of social media. But email is alive and well and living in everyone’s in box. According to ShareThis, 46% of people share content by email – larger than any other social platform. And, according to StrongMail, nearly 37% share by email, with 21% sharing by embedded badges.

What to do?

Network, collect business cards, establish a LinkedIn account. Never purchase email lists. Instead, develop a list of quality leads to whom you can send emails in which you promote your recent products, services, or company announcements.