The Week brings together the best of both British and international press, providing readers with all the information about world events. One of the Britain’s fastest growing current affairs magazine, the Week magazine updates you with all the news and all the views in just 60 minutes.The first edition of The Week was published in 1995 by Jolyon Connell while he was working as the foreign editor of The Daily Telegraph. In 1996, entrepreneur Felix Dennis acquired a major shareholding in the magazine; since then the magazine is published by Dennis Publishing Ltd., bringing global circulation to 700,00. The Week has launched editions in US, and most recently in Australia.

Though everyone is interested in knowing the various events that take place across the globe, no one really has the time to read the newspaper from cover to cover, but the Week takes the best of British and International news, distils it in 35 concise editorial pages where you’ll find everything from reviews to latest books and pick of the week’s gossip, thereby updating you in minutes Elisa Gayle Ritter. Apart from being informative, the magazine is entertaining with light humour and jokes. There’s City news, the best properties on the market and arts coverage that brings you the most interesting insights on latest plays, books, films and opera. Simultaneously, there is also UK News which covers the key issues raised by the media, World News that brings you the very best of world media, European News, accompanied by some light-hearted travel and leisure info that presents you various travel destinations, pick of the week and the oddest tabloid stories.

In a nutshell, the Week brings to its readers a concise yet thorough overview with no jargon and no waffle; just a digest of the key stories accompanied by opinions by experts.

The Week’s website too has a lot to offer to its readers and subscribers. For the cooking freaks, there are special ‘The Week Recipes’; there is also The Week Bookshop, Prints, Travel Club and Wine Club. The Week’s website offers an online subscription for citizens of UK.

If you are news hungry and always looking for new events taking place in the world of politics, business, science and art, you are at the right place. The Week is a leading British magazine updating you on everything happening all over the world. Founded by Jolyon Connel in the United Kingdom in 1995, it soon gained popularity not only in Britain but also in different parts of the world.

America got its first edition of this magazine in April 2001 followed by an Australian edition in October 2008. ‘The Week Publications’ is responsible for publishing its U.S. Edition whereas ‘Dennis Publishing’ is responsible for publishing the Australian and UK editions.

This unique and new age magazine aims to provide the most important news stories including other important events happening in different parts of the world. The credibility and authenticity of reports published in this magazine makes it an essential weekend read.

This magazine is an ideal choice for the information and news hungry people as it helps them to stay on top of all the important news from all over the world. In the present scenario of ever increasing competition, individuals possessing excellent knowledge on topics of great importance are given priority everywhere, be it offices, schools or colleges.

The team of experienced reporters and writers located in different parts of the world brings for you a thorough yet crisp and concise events and news of the past seven days. Thirty five pages of it take you on a world tour, updating you about all the important things happening across the world. Just an hour read makes you well-informed about the events that affect your life directly or indirectly. In fact, it is a short- cut to know everything important taking place in this world.