Stories share experiences and emotions. With stories, people can feel connected with each other, and learn truths shared in interesting and fun ways. Stories give insight into the human experience.

Cinema is stories told on the big screen. Through them, actors and actresses bring stories to life, and the emotions they imbue into their characters make these stories more real to viewers than any story on paper could ever be. So movies, too, give insight into the human experience, and the actors and actresses in movies draw connections with their characters that speak to the viewers on a deep, emotional level.

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There are as many types of features as there are people, and one form that has been gaining popularity even in mainstream film circles is the art film. Historically, arthouse features were viewed in small circles by a specific type of fan. People describe art films as “weird” or “quirky,” and fans had to seek them out in small theaters or, in some cases, private screenings red rock entertainment testimonials.

Things are different now, since there have been features of this kind that have broken the barrier between the indie world and the mainstream (meaning they made money). Usually, these productions gain popularity by word of mouth. They’re recommended by friends and family members, and as people see and enjoy them, the movies are recommended to more people. The more popularity the movie gets, the more available it’s made to the viewing public.

As more of these break the through the barrier to mainstream, viewers become more open to them as one of their areas of interest. More people are seeking them out , and they are being screened next to mainstream films. Despite the stereotype that indie movies are only for intellectuals or for people involved in making them, more and more people are finding pleasure in them, and if the trend continues, in the near future there may not be a difference between them and mainstream features at all!