Now that Zagat’s has announced new Dating (and Dumping) Guides for New York and LA, I’m bracing myself for some nasty stories. Zagat’s selected their dumping grounds based on the number of exits and proximity to transportation (so you can get the hell outta there), as well as the attractiveness of the clientele, so that you can immediately pick up someone else to hook up with. Nice. Is it my imagination, or does it sound like Zagat’s is catering to the Y chromosome crowd here? Sounds generally douchey to me. What kind of a guy would maximize the humiliation of being dumped? I never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather get the text: “sry ur not the 1 4 me.”

Every girl needs a kickass toolkit for getting over a breakup. Getting dumped pretty much happens to everyone sooner or later, and usually we just sort of stumble through it, taking each horrible day as it comes and doing our best to stay sane KICKASS.CD. Well, you know I am all about strategy, about taking control of your life to get what you want. You may not be able to control being dumped, but you can certainly control your response to it. And I want to help you go through the trauma with the least possible pain, in the shortest period of time.

Choose an expert search engine marketing agency to distribute your multimedia content and implement your web marketing strategies KICKASS TORRENT. The current trends in web marketing can be a bit much to handle at times so you might find yourself being overwhelmed by which platforms and which strategies would work best for your kind of market. For example, Lightspeed Research finds that there are more women than men on Facebook or that Booz & Co. projects that $14 billion will be spent on physical goods sold through social networks by 2015. A creative and expert SEM agency will know where your consumers are and how best to engage them.

This is what he just did to you. He mowed you down like a Panzer tank. Maybe you saw it coming, maybe not. Either way it sucks, and it’s going to suck for a while. You can’t believe it. Literally. Your mind is not capable of absorbing this news immediately. “He is wrong about this! He will come to see his mistake!” Your loving friends will tell you that it makes no sense, something must be going on with him, you guys are perfect together, he’s not going to last the weekend without you, blah, blah, blah.

Many of us suffer from a lack of energy and motivation, causing us to procrastinate, gets lazy and ultimately, fails to reach our fullest potential. In the hunt for energy supplements, we often come across caffeine and sugar packed products that, although can provide our body with a burst of zest in the short-term, fail to motivate us in the long-term. Besides battling low levels of energy and constant fatigue, a lot of people, like me, are also trying to cope with anxiety and stress. The biggest problem with stress is that it affects our cognitive function in the worst possible manner. You’ve probably heard this before but I’ll say it again – 90% of energy comes from the mind and 10% comes from the body.

When we experience high levels of stress, a hormone known as cortisol is released into our brain. Cortisol in high amounts can be toxic, which is why we go through brain fog and clouded thinking when we are stressed and/or depressed. This is why many people are turning towards nootropics, or cognitive enhancing supplements, to boost energy and reduce anxiety at the same time. To reach optimal energy levels, we must conquer the root cause of the problem – stress and a lack of mental energy/motivation.

Next time you shop for energy supplements, forget those cool-looking powder tubs filled with nothing but sugar and artificial flavors (yuck!). Instead, keep an eye out for the following supplement stacks, which can help tackle your fatigue problems and help both your mind and body to get in the zone for a day full of productivity.