Whether it is an entire new set of golf clubs that you’re on the look out for, or a few strategic pieces to acquire a more balanced strike capability, to zero in on the best ones is never an easy task, what with the plethora of them that are currently available and with nearly all of them making a strong pitch for itself. Some of them may be frightfully expensive though price alone can’t be the only measure of the best ones. But then again, the thing that you got to be wary of is that the best ones are never the cheapest one. best golf irons

So how best can things be brought within manageable limits so that you are able to make the best buy and that too, without having to spend a fortune? One way of doing this is to ascertain how dedicated you are to the game and what is your skill level. Once you’re done with this, chances are that you’ll have a clear idea as to the clubs that will suit you the best.

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The number of holes of golf you play every week can be a measure of the dedication you have for the game, and if it measures up to 72 holes or more then you’ll be counted among the most dedicated players of the game. Also, you’ll be the object of envy of most other Americans. With this being the level of golf that you play, you should be pretty sure of the type of clubs that would be best for you, and you probably won’t mind investing in some of the finest clubs available.

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However, the one thing that you might consider adding to your collection is a new hybrid club that is marked by a lower center of gravity and a short club length. This enables the club to generate considerably higher speed and a greater level of accuracy. This club is extremely popular and is a common feature of many a golfers’ bag.

Again if you’re used to playing 18 to 72 holes a week and its just a basic set of clubs that you’re playing with, then you might want to make some fresh additions to your bag, as is the norm these days for golfers to have two putters. One of the putters will have a head that is heavier than it usually is, making it suitable for longer putts. The golfer won’t have to go for larger swings for longer putts, thereby reducing chances of error. And if you don’t measure up to even a round of golf each week then a very simple set of golf clubs might be all that you’ll need.

Your skill level too can be a deciding factor in selecting the best clubs. For instance, a basic set of clubs will be enough for you if you’re yet to break 100. Or if you’re a low-handicap golfer and it is less than 10 for you then you’ll do good to add some new clubs, more so if you don’t have a fairway wood. For they’ll come in handy on par 5 holes where the approach shot is longer than they usually are. If its just one wedge that you have, you should think of acquiring another set. i.e. the sand wedge and the lob wedge. These are effective while chipping from different distances or terrains.