According to recent studies, nearly 20% of Americans have a tattoo. And about half of them experience regret. As we age, our bodies and our attitudes change. A tattoo that you thought was cool in your twenties, may seem tacky in your thirties or forties. Tattoos can also limit your ability to get a job or advance in your career. Many people are driven to get rid of unwanted ink designs. In general, most of us are familiar with two options: creams and laser tattoo removal.

Although lasers are recommended as a reliable method, cost is perhaps the biggest concerns. Each session ranges from about $100-$250. According to Real Self, the average 皮秒去斑價錢 amount that a patient will spend for the entire treatment series is $750. However 80% of the patients who reviewed their procedure said that the cost was worth it.

Although pain and scarring are other reasons, there are ways that doctors can mitigate these issues. Therefore, cost is probably the main reason people will first consider creams over laser tattoo removal.

Creams For Getting Rid of Tattoos

Products that claim to get rid of tattoos often post before and after pictures and other forms of convincing messaging. Lazer Cream, which is produced by a company in Scotland even mentions studies (which remain unpublished). Their site asserts that the product breaks up tattoo ink pigment, almost like laser tattoo removal. However when questioned by the Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom, they were not able to provide sufficient details on their research to validate their claims.