The Vivo V21 5G sounds like a phone that could challenge the iPhone. It has a big, curved screen, and it’s not completely swivel. Does it offer more? The Vivo isn’t quite as big as the iPhone, but it’s not as tiny as the Android alternatives either. This is still a nice phone, but it’s not as easy to love as you’d hoped.

In terms of actual design, the Vivo isn’t all that different from the Vivo S20. It has all of the usual keys that you’d expect on a smartphone, but it also has a really big, bright, fingerprint-looking home button. This button is, of course, always right at your fingertips, so you never have to wonder when it’s time to use it Vivo V21 5G. The phone also has a well-placed volume rocker that makes switching from music to something more serious simple.

If you want to compare the iPhone to the Vivo, consider the differences between the phone’s key features: its hardware and software. The phone has a big, crisp display, and the applications it runs look really sharp. It runs on a powerful yet under-rated chipset, and the software on the Vivo allows you to create a number of themes and use them at any time. It’s got a great, wide-screen, high-def camera, as well as a solid back-mounted speaker. Add to this a smooth, responsive keyboard and the fact that the Vivo is loaded with Android apps, and you can see why the V 21 5G smartphone is so compelling.

As for the display, there’s not much to say about it. In comparison to the iPhone, however, the Vivo is much harder on the eyes. It runs on a higher-end, higher resolution display, though, so you’re getting all of the same things you’d get from one of those phones. For people who care about detail, the camera on the vivo v 21 5g smartphone might be a little too dark, however, and if you really don’t like taking pictures in dim light or night scenes where everything is too bright, you might not care about the screen at all.

Speaking of bright settings, the phone has an amazing, vivid, gorgeous screen that’s easy to see in direct sunlight, even with the sunlight reflecting off the sides. When it’s too bright outdoors, you can brighten it up by adjusting brightness on the phone’s screen, which works surprisingly well. You’ll also love how bright the blacks are on the vivo v 21 5g; they’re black as night and utterly gorgeous. This is one of those phones where the amoled display is the star, because it looks so great.

Speaking of stellar looks, there’s much to like and admire about the vivo v 21 5g’s face. It’s a simple, elegant design that matches many smartphones on the market today. The two rectangular power buttons on either side of the camera are easily accessible, no matter which application you want to use the phone on. And you’ll definitely appreciate those little dots on the sides; it’s an on-screen fingerprint scanner, too. That makes it super easy to use, which is definitely an plus. There’s also a wealth of connectivity on the back of this smartphone.

For those who want true multitasking power, the vivo v 21 5g does have that. It has one of the most powerful and efficient apps on any smartphone, one that makes using the phone easy to do. This means that you can go from chatting with your friends to taking a quick video to share with your family right to your email. That’s what sets this phone apart from all the others out there, and it’s just one more reason why it’s such a fantastic buy. You can download apps to make it even easier to stay organized.

The front camera on the Vivo V21 5g is not something that will disappoint. It’s a top of the line camera for an affordable price. It works flawlessly and snaps in just the right amount of time. This is one of those phones where the connectivity and battery life are the only real weak spots, but overall this is a fantastic handset for everyone.