The nursing shortages that face our world today are manifold. The most troubling fact among all is that when there is some form of medical emergency or even some form of disaster, we find ourselves haplessly in need of nursing services. The shortage in numbers has been seen too many times to ignore. The fact that many nurses are leaving nursing jobs and moving to management jobs is also distressing as the shortages grow every year and the crunch affects healthcare in a very serious way. There is no lack of motivation when it comes to nursing jobs and new nurses as the profession in itself is a very lucrative one. That said it still has not made things any better for most countries of the world today. There have been discussions on this topic among top healthcare organizations too many times and there are some common ground solutions that everyone agrees to.

  1. Private partnerships: Private partnerships with institutions and even hospitals have to be looked at to increase participation in nursing programs. The inclusion of 長者服務 private players to a larger extent has to be looked at as the entire healthcare industry is continually faced with aging administration.
  2. Increased technology involvements: Increasing the use of technology to bring about concepts of internet teaching should be embraced by all. Though practical experiences can’t be ignored, the use of media like the internet also needs to be encouraged to make nursing trainings more accessible.
  3. More funding for students: Education loans and other forms of funding should also be given a boost to have more students drawn into nursing. There are also a lot of funding options when it comes to schools of nursing that can be looked at to increase participation and even infrastructure which in some parts of the world is the major deterrent.