Mobile recycling is something you may not think about when getting a new phone. In the UK this practice is just starting to catch on, but it has steadily been gaining momentum over the past couple of years. There are millions of phones that people no longer use sitting in drawers in their homes, just waiting to be recycled.

There are many advantages to recycling and selling your old phone. First, it is much better for the environment to sell your old phone than to throw it in the trash. Parts in the phone have many harmful effects on plant and animal life when just dumped into landfills. Obviously, if you sell your phone and someone else is using it, there is no chance for it to hurt the environment.

You also might be surprised by how much cash you can get by macbook 回收 recycling and selling your phone. Some phones are fetching upwards of £400. It is also a very east process to sell your phone. The truth of the matter is, no matter how much money you get for it, any money is good money, whether it is £4 or £400.

Since this is a relatively new idea, and not that many people know about it, there are some tactics you can use to maximize the money received from selling old phones. Ask your friends and family for their old phones. Maybe even place a box to collect phones at your place of work or at your church. Offer a special prize for those who bring in the most old mobile phones, or create some other contest and offer an incentive to bring the most mobiles. The sky is the limit; more phones equals more cash in your pocket.

Mobile recycling is relatively new, and will only get bigger and bigger in the future. As more people get phones, there will be even more phones to recycle, and more money to be made. And remember, recycling old phones also helps to save our precious environment as well. What could be better than doing something to help yourself and the earth at the same time!