Most businesses acknowledge that there is nothing better than a personal testimonial from a satisfied client to boost their business. At the rate, those businesses specializing in medical tourism are receiving those rave reviews today; it is enough to inspire envy with a capital ‘E’ among other industry leaders.

Without health insurance, the average household is one major medical bill away from bankruptcy, a possibility facing nearly 45 million adults in the United States today. Medical tourism representatives say they hear stories every day about the impact their business is making on the quality of people’s lives both medically and financially, short and long term.

One Medical Tourism company, shared the letter below from the *son of a client for this article. The patient, rejected by the healthcare system in the U.S. decided that that the option to use medical tourism was his only alternative:

“My dad was one of the millions that lost his insurance last year and was facing a life in a wheelchair because he could not afford double knee replacement surgery. When a friend pointed him in the direction of your company, he was tired, in considerable pain, and more than a bit anxious over the thought of traveling to another country for surgery.

Understandably cautious, Dad went to great lengths to research the procedures as well as your company. He was pleased to find out that each journey is arranged through a tbm respected, knowledgeable and trustworthy agent. He was even more pleased to find that each agent had established relationships with the most respected medical facilities in the world.

In the end, what made the entire trip possible was the amount of care and thought that went into the entire process, as well as the cost. Passport assistance, round trip airfares, all medical expenses including x-rays, anesthesia, surgery, pre & post op treatment, physical therapy, doctors, medications, hospital stay with one companion, and recovery at a beautiful guest house complete with meals was completely covered in one inclusive price!

From the moment my parent’s plane touched down, they were taken care of in a manner that allowed them to focus on my Dad’s health and well-being. Mom and Dad were met at the airport and taken to the hospital without any fuss or confusion. On the day of my Dad’s surgery, my mother was able to relax on a beautiful hospital balcony in New Delhi. One of the world’s finest orthopedic surgeons performed the surgery itself. This doctor has performed over 3500 joint replacement surgeries in his long career.

My parents returned home completely satisfied with their experience. Dad has repeatedly stated that because of your company he had complete confidence in, and indeed, experienced care in India far superior to any care he received recently in the states. He was also happy the way my Mom was treated and even encouraged to relax and sightsee while he was receiving therapy.

I am of course as delighted as my parents are. Dad still cannot get over the price of the surgery. His double knee replacement surgeries cost my Dad only 17% of the cost he would have incurred in the United States!