Want to make a guinea pigs cage? Not a problem. Your guinea pig will definitely enjoy exercising to the fullest if you consider the following factors when choosing or making your guinea pigs cage.

First is the size. To be able to fulfill the fact that guinea pigs are social active creatures, you need to have a 10.5 square feet cage for a pair of guinea pigs, and around 7.5 square feet for a single guinea pig. Now these are not the usual sizes of those that are available in regular pet stores. Nevertheless, if you really want to have more space for your guinea pig, try making your own guinea pig cage.

With regards the style of the cage, you must also be aware that those with a wire floor should be considered with caution. Using such will only harm your pet’s feet. But with the other types, there should not be any problem.

Those made of plastic and those with ledges can delight cavies. However, be cautious that you do not cut down on the space that is needed for them to have a guinea pigs cage. To cope with this, many pet owners have already devised creative measures on their own, such as making multi 麥片 level cages. Furthermore, one of the great things about these pets is that since they are not so big, they cannot escape easily from their den. They generally do not like to jump or chew through things. A run wall of around 18 inches, will be high enough to prevent them escaping. For adults, you will often need around an inch of space in between the bars so that the guinea pig can not escape and squeeze out.

Extra Space
Now you know the basics of the requirements for guinea pigs cages you can develop them further. Unless your space is large enough at the moment, you still have to expand the guinea pigs space to run around in. Using a wire pen can be handy as an extra corral for them. These are easily bought or created especially for small pets. A wire pen is better for an extra run for your guinea pig since it prevents the guinea pig from going under your furniture or from nibbling through wires.

If you want to let your pet have a brand new experience, try to bring it along with its wire pen onto your lawn. In this way, with your extra lighter run your guinea pigs will be on exciting and new ground.