Millions of magazine are read and sold in the United States every week. They provide information and entertainment of many kinds. Some magazines are concerned with our national defense and some are with foreign policy. Some provide descriptions of other countries. Some merely amuse with stories about love and romance and some are about detectives tracking down criminals.

A magazine is a collection of articles or stories and pictures on various topics. They appear at regular intervals. The magazine usually represents the work of several different artist or authors Magazines do differ from newspapers because they do not usually concentrate upon giving the reader a summary of immediate news. There is a special type of magazine, however, called a news magazine which summarizes the weekly news. Hobbyists of all sorts of magazines devoted to their interests. Some magazines are published for antique collectors, while others are for those who breed dogs.

The form of magazines differ from that of the newspapers. Most magazines are printed on better paper. They are smaller and stapled or stitched together so they last longer. Many of them have substantial covers. The largest magazines have pages which are about half the size of an average newspaper.

The line between newspapers and magazines is not clearly drawn. Some weeklies that appear in newspaper form are really magazines. Many books that are printed once a year containing collections of articles and stories are really a kind of magazine.

There are two ways of classifying magazines. One is by the intervals at which they are published. The other is by their form and purpose. Thus, some magazines appear every week (weeklies), others every other week biweeklies still others every month monthlies. A small group of magazines is published every two months bigmouths and another group is published every three months quarterlies.