The announcement by telenor Answers that they will be offering customers the ability to register to receive three free gifts on January 21st was met with a mixture of excitement and jubilation from fans of the television programme, which has run for seven seasons. If you missed the first two episodes, there’s still time for you to catch up! Here are some of our favourite Telenor Answers 3 January 2021 tips and what you can get from the offers.

You have the opportunity to get something special to mark the New Year – greetings cards are the most traditional way of saying Happy New Year’s. But why stop at cards? Why not get a unique Telenor Answers 3 January 2021 wallpaper or a unique telenor answers app to mark this special day? The answer is simple – customers are looking for something different to mark this special day. Some people will be more traditional with a greeting card or note, but others will want to go further and have something unique to show their appreciation. For example, a unique or app could be something that shows how deeply you really appreciate your customer or gives them something to remember this New Year by.

If you’re already registered to receive internet data updates through the telesales and customer service departments, then this is a great chance to get some ideas for your T&Cs. Many telesales experts say that it’s important to offer something new to encourage customers to return to your website. Some customers may already be aware of what’s on offer, but you may find new insights or ideas as well as an increase in web traffic. Some may be sceptical about giving away such valuable information for free, but this is the new online way to advertise – you can even track your results using tools available on the telenor Answers site. So, if you’re already on the right track, why not offer this service as a bonus for signing up to your telesales service?

What else can you offer as a bonus to help users sign up? This is another idea that many telecom customers have come up with – why not create a free online telesales and customer service tool? With the customer service industry set to grow, there is no shortage of opportunity. Why not create an interactive mobile and web-based quiz that would allow customers to answer questions and find out new information about your company. The telecom company will also get a lot of use out of this unique opportunity to improve customer relationships.

It’s fairly easy to design and implement such a quiz. For a start, you’ll need enough information for each question: the name of the company, its address, and a contact number. The more information you have, the better your results will be when calculating the correct answer. Once you have all the relevant information, all you need to do is to get the internet connection going. Then create free telesales account and ensure that it is activated so you can sign in and input your internet data (you can either select the ‘Get Data Now’ button or simply click on the ‘Get Internet Data’ link on your telesales website).

Once you are logged into your account, you can start adding in your question and answer entries and see the correct answers pop up on your computer screen. Now all you need to do is to enter in the correct answers in the correct order. Of course, this won’t work unless you already have enough data in your telesales and website database to allow the system to give out the correct answers. But don’t worry – this will take only a few minutes to do.

Another neat idea that you can implement into your telesales campaign this year is the New Year’s Eve celebration. You can now create and upload your own ringtone for users to use on their phones during the New Year. To do this, you first have to go to your telesales website and click on ‘Your Ringtone’. On the New Year’s Eve page, you will see an option for uploading your own tone. Choose to upload your favorite music choice or pick out your favourite artists. Once you are finished, simply copy and paste the website address of the music selection you made and save it to your personal Ringtone folder.

As you can see, the best way to get your telesales campaign off the ground this year is to follow up on your customer base using your telesales website. Adding a customised New Year’s Eve ringtone to your list of promos and other offers will ensure that you reach your target audience even more successfully. And, if you are not able to answer all the questions correctly, then your customers will move onto the next ringing tune. Good luck with this year and remember to submit your answers to Telenor Answers 3 January 2021!