Since the past five or so years, the mobile phone has increasingly being used as a chatting device. There are several low end, medium end and high end phones that let one connect to their favorite chat messengers, like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and even Live Messenger. Some instant messaging software provides connectivity to the social networking sites too. Here are three of the most popular chat clients for cell phones.

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Fring: No chat app list is complete with Fring, one of the oldest and most used chat application software available for mobile phones. Fring is a simple and easy to install and use software that can be downloaded via the mobile web, from the PC or via Bluetooth. It supports the major chat networks, like Yahoo, Live, Google, and allows integration of Facebook, and Twitter.

Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz has had a very successful streak since the past few years. Easily installable and usable, Nimbuzz has also appeared as a default installation in some of the cheaper cell phones that offer GPRS connections and an ability to connect to chat software. Nimbuzz supports the major chat applications like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Facebook and other popular services. The latest Nimbuzz version also allows for media transfer from one user to another. This one is definitely one of the most used and practical mobile chat applications that are in the market today cetsohbet.

Ebuddy:  Ebuddy is another important player in the mobile chatting applications market. This is another easy to install and use software. Ebuddy supports MSN, Yahoo and AIM.  The software is quite simple to use, and the unique selling point is that one can actually send Buzzes and emoticons in Yahoo Messenger just like how would send them on the actual desktop program.

Rocket Talk: Rocket talk is for those who do not want the clutter of many chat messengers on their mobile phone. This application can be downloaded easily, either via PC, mobile web or Bluetooth earphone, and allows the user to connect to Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Live Messenger.

These are the four important chat applications that are available. Before deciding on a chat application, you should check out whether they are available for your system or operating system. For example, your mobile phone could run on the Java Platform, or the Symbian Platform or even have its own OS like the Android or the iPhone.