Insurance carriers usually set high or low premiums depending on the answers submitted by an applicant whenever they apply for insurance. Some of the service providers issue products without asking questions about the medical history of the applicant Security+ certification. As a result of the assumed risks, the premiums tend to be higher and the coverage amounts lower. Therefore, it is advisable to undertake an adequate investigation before rushing to buy a policy, to find a no-medical exam plan that takes into account your needs and budget. The following are some of the common features of the life insurance with no medical exam policy, including:

Many of the insurance companies that offer the policy do not require a medical exam. Therefore, if you lack the time to visit your doctor for an exam or are unwilling to undergo a medical exam, for social or religious reasons, this type of policy comes handy. However, some insurance carriers may recommend an exam if it appears warranted after asking lifestyle and health questions. If they discover you want a large coverage amount, you are a smoker or you have a serious illness, they may require an exam.

The policy can be applied and approved within a few hours, online or over the phone. This is possible because the results of an exam, which normally take several days to be obtained and send to the insurance carrier, are not required. Therefore, this type of policy is recommended to anybody who requires an insurance cover immediately. All you have to do is submit honest answers to basic questions about your age, gender, height, weight, state of residence, profession/career and more. Some of the insurance carriers may also seek for information about your health without subjecting you to a medical exam. Therefore, it is important to respond accurately particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

The medical underwritten policies require the results of a medical test to determine the risk the applicant poses on the company. As a result, the service provider can decide to increase the premiums or deny the applicant coverage. However, today there are many insurance providers that offer the life insurance with no medical exam policy to everybody, regardless of their age and health status. This has made it possible for people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, high-blood pressure and more, to get insurance.