Singapore is considered one of the best places to explore in Asia. It is safe, clean and undoubtedly, beautiful. If you intend to see and experience the beauty of this country, you may find these essential tips worth considering:

1. Plan in advance. When do you intend to go? What places do you wish Daftar 4D to visit? Where do you want to stay? How much do you have to spend for your travel? How long do you want to stay?

These are some of the questions you would need to take into consideration, which would help you make an itinerary for your travel. Planning ahead of time can save you a lot through promotions and discounts offered by airlines and travel sites. It can also maximize your entire trip by choosing in advance which places you want to visit and incorporating these places in your itinerary.

2. Check major travel sites and budget airlines for promotions, discounts and coupons ahead of time. Travel sites such as CheapOair and OneTravel show comparative airfares from major airlines and offer promotions and discounts for your travel every now and then. Budget airlines such as Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express also offer flight discounts to Singapore several times a year. For your hotel, Hotels Combined, Hostel World and Rakuten Travel offer deals, discounts and a choice from a wide range of hotels/hostels in Singapore to enable you to choose and book in advance.

3. Take note of essential details.

A. Flights: In general, check-in counters open two to three hours prior to your scheduled flight and close 45 minutes before your scheduled time of departure. Visit the official website of your airline to know more information about check-in details and other requirements. Don’t forget to bring your passport, your valid ID and a printed itinerary or boarding pass, if you have checked-in online.

B. Hotel: Get the address of the hotel where you will be staying. A hotel near MRT/LRT station is preferable if you intend to explore Singapore using this transport system. Search for more information about location, features and room accommodation. Some hotels offer internet access in rooms and/or breakfast for free while others can provide the same for a fee. Check review sites as well to get feedback from customers who have been in the same hotel.

4. Take with you a copy of Singapore’s MRT andLRT system map. Although Singapore is a Southeast-Asian city-state covering around 710 square kilometers (274 square miles) in land area, you can actually travel from one end of the city to the other in a matter of hours through their excellent public transport system. This map is really essential if you are not familiar with the place and if you intend to explore the country using their public transport system (MRTLRT, public bus). This will not only help you in planning your travel, but will help you save a lot of time exploring Singapore. Taxis are also available in Singapore, but this will cost you more compared with MRT, LRT and buses. Besides, taking the trains and buses in Singapore is considered safe, fast and inexpensive.

You can view this system map on website.

5. Take advantage of the promotions offered online by several attractions in Singapore and travel sites. Attractions like Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Park and even some travel sites offer special deals or discounts online so it is best to check their websites prior to travelling. Go Singapore Pass, Singapore City Tours, Singapore City Pass are some of the travel sites that offer deals and promotions on major attractions in Singapore.