Chicago, Illinois January 19, 2008 8 Tips to find out if the latest Diabetes Supplement “REALLY WORKS” and is it a Safe, All-Natural, Herbal Nutraceutical that will help to Normalize Your Blood Sugar and Weight…or NOT.

I spend a huge amount of time on our 800 numbers listing to many great diabetic “success stories.” This is the best part of the day. I also spend time talking to people who are reaching out, looking for clarity in this turmoil of drug company’s problems–truth or dare. Most all of these questions I hear fall into 10 clear categories.

Let’s Talk About the Number One Question…”Does this stuff really work?”

There are 2 components to this answer. The easy part is asking if the nutraceutical is real and does it get results. The second part is about the willingness of the type 2 diabetic to make lifestyle changes.

80% Chance of success is in the Product

Let’s give you a better than 80% chance of success by finding an answer to the question “…Does this stuff really work?”

This means that you, yourself, can discover if this natural product can truly produce results.

“8 Tips to evaluating an All Natural Herbal Remedy for your Diabetic weight and to control your Blood Sugar Levels.”

YOU can and need to assume the responsibility Reversirol to investigate this yourself.

Tip # 1 Become a Discerning Diabetic health seeker, learn the basics of Diabetes.

In Al Gore’s World Wide Web you have the opportunity to do extensive research your self: Mayo Clinic; The American Diabetes Association; The New England Journal Of Medicine; Dr. Marcola; Doctor Weil; blogs like; the famous David; and any number of scams. Read, read, read, and read more.

Tip # 2 . Just what are the CLAIMS these supplements make, and what is the proof.

This is easy. Is the proof on their web site…or are they asking you to trust them! Does the web site provide a page with the names of the clinical studies…the Universities where the studies were conducted…the dates and Doctors responsible…the abstracts of the results…and on. Or is it: “trust me, you’re not smart enough to know.”

Tip # 3 Are you receiving the Full Clinical dosage used in the studies?

If you can find studies…what was the dosage used on the people? Was it 900 mg three times a day? And does this match the dosage of your “instant cure” or are they only providing only 230 mgs? You can figure this one out.